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Thread: Healer Spec tips. I NEED DEM.

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    Question Healer Spec tips. I NEED DEM.

    So I've been rocking Athame and Necromancer for my main heal Spec and my off healer Spec for farming or ccing.

    I'm looking for a support healer I heard Doombringer is meta for that.

    Is shadowbane still viable for a support healer still or eh?

    I've been looking into Sorrowsong, caretaker, scion, Justicar mainly for support healer or main healers.

    Anyone got any opinions??

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    not a healer main but go to your pvp rankings and look at the specs of the top healers. i see clerics, sorrowsongs etc. that will give you idea of best things out there. a lot may be yet to be found or tight lipped right now.

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    this meta is about boneyards/imprisions (especially on fs), in every clash your front line will mostly end up being stuck in boneyards/imprisions
    so in my opinion vitalism + occultism is a nice combination since boneyards/imprisions will block you from casting single target healing skills on them, would you want try some rng aoe heals rather than watch them die?
    justicar gives you the advantages to become a mend vending tower but with the cost of less effective antithesis
    while doombringer gives you more accessible and mobility to heal specific target besides justicar's non-stop mend
    in nice position and condition doombringer would be better than justicar at any side tbh
    if you want to try sorrowsong, it's pretty similar to cleric before 4.5 but with more crit heal rates and has mend without cd instead of spell shield + antithesis
    less breathe more silence

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