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Thread: Healer Spec tips. I NEED DEM.

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    Question Healer Spec tips. I NEED DEM.

    So I've been rocking Athame and Necromancer for my main heal Spec and my off healer Spec for farming or ccing.

    I'm looking for a support healer I heard Doombringer is meta for that.

    Is shadowbane still viable for a support healer still or eh?

    I've been looking into Sorrowsong, caretaker, scion, Justicar mainly for support healer or main healers.

    Anyone got any opinions??

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    not a healer main but go to your pvp rankings and look at the specs of the top healers. i see clerics, sorrowsongs etc. that will give you idea of best things out there. a lot may be yet to be found or tight lipped right now.

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