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Thread: Hiram Lore - Theory Crafting

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    Hiram Lore - Theory Crafting

    Much is left to conjecture.

    What we currently know of the Hiram is that they were a race of humans that lived in Northern Auroria and that Inoch was a Hiram.
    From the Acheage Wikia, we also learn that-
    "At a young age, Inoch was blessed (or cursed) to become an Astral, sprouting wings. Thought to be an ill omen, his people nearly killed him, but he and his cousin fled Hiramakand. When he took a sword to one of his wings, his cousin rushed him back for healing, and the Hiram decided not to kill him. His wing grew back, and he was taken from Hiramakand to Delphinad by other Astrals."

    Why is their gear only now being found in Auroria? Where has it been for all of this time? Are the creatures that drop the gear what is left of the Hiram?

    What struck my interest is the use of the name Hiram. Were the Hiram builders? Were they architects? Inoch became the God of Seals and Doors. Is there a correlation between his role and the allegorical Hiram Abiff of Free Masonry who designed King Solomon's Temple and who was murdered by three apprentices while they were trying to gain access to his secret knowledge?

    Will the northern reaches be the next area that is opened to the players? There has been discussion that "The Returned" will be one of the new races eventually introduced. It has also been suggested that the Hiram were the first of the Returned. Will this lead to the opening of new areas similar to what we saw when the Dwarves and Warborn were brought online?

    I am just throwing this out there because, honestly, I think this needs to be more fleshed out.

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    First, I’d like to say that the Hiram were not a separate race or species. They are a tribe that’s near the Hiram Mountains. In the Tales of the Twelve, the book describes them as “taller than average, as well as stronger and more agile. They didn’t study magic, but could all perform rudimentary spells; even children. They were definitely human, but they had never known disease. Their lifespans averaged around 200 years.

    Astras are sort of “randomly chosen”. In the Astra Wings flavor text, it says “Astra are often anomalies: a winged child born to ordinary human parents.”

    On the Namu Wiki, it also states that Inoch put the Hiram tribe into a state of sleep, which the Hiram (as KR AA Wiki says) said, “On the last day of the Hiram, the winged (Inoch) will close the door.”

    Knowing that the Returned are to be a playable race in Haranya, perhaps Inoch took them there with his magic, maybe archaeologists that were searching for traces of the civilization, and could not find anything but what they had built. The mobs that drop the gear, on their KR Wiki page (키르바차 교단), has a caption that says, “They’re looking for artifacts that have been handed down among the Hiram elders for some reason.” Maybe those mobs have recently come back from the area the Hiram lived in. The wiki also says that the newly added mobs are the ones who worship the Akasch – the race that the Ipnya banished to another dimension long ago.

    I didn’t mention it earlier, but the Tales of the Twelve state that the Hiram were abnormal due to their proximity to the navel of the world (the Garden). Maybe al l of their armor and weapons were infused with a powerful magic, which led the new mobs to be attracted to them. Maybe the new mobs think that with this new magic, they could bring back the Akasch.

    As for the name of Hiram… maybe there is a relation to it. Back in 2016, when the Naima costume came out for a few regions, a user posted a Wikipedia link containing a dancer named “Naima Akef”. Naima in the lore was a dancer and a priestess. This shows that there may be a possibility for the Hiram to refer to that.

    The last two races that are to be released (Faeries and the Returned) are probably going to exist on the southern continents. Faeries flew to Nuia after Orchidna was given the Garden’s throne by the Fairy Queen. The Returned already exist in Haranya (might be better known as Bluebloods, as Namu Wiki states that the Returned have blue blood), but they don’t look much different from other races (as they recycled the Nuian models for them). I’m sure that XL, down the road, will release the southern continent areas for when those two races get released. However, when I still played, I didn’t see much of the southern zones that were unreleased at the time having anything in them (unlike the Dwarven areas, which have been created but been unreleased for some time until 3.0 got released).

    I know that the Epherium zone (where Kyrios came from) is being worked on. It is north of Exeloch. That being said, the zone north of Reedwind seems to be worked on too – it probably is the Hiram Mountains, although in the Tales of the Twelve, the members of the expedition that went to the Garden first stopped in Amaitan Highlands. Not sure if that area is just south of the Hiram Mountains, or if the group didn’t beeline to Hiram and took a longer route.

    Of course, those are just my thoughts. And I do hope for clarification on this. We need more info! *and The Fir and The Hawk and The Heirs to be put in English! Typing up the book in Korean to stick it in Google Translate is tedious >.> (Correct me if I’m wrong, lore buffs!)
    may return to archeage

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    Great response - Thank you!

    I'd love to hear what Trino/XL has to say....

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