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Thread: packs and cargos

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    packs and cargos

    When I enter a trade pack in Solis and starting in Mahadevi or Rokhala it costs me the same amount of labour while not giving the same amount of gold. Is it possible to make the labor costs to deliver a pack increasing or decreasing like the gold amount depending the origin of the pack?

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    Uhhh, the whole point is that they are priced based on effort/time to move them. If they were the same efficiency everywhere you go there would never be a need to move them more than the absolute shortest route.
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    Before the change (nerf) to the trade packs, you could get similar gold ratio, even at a short distance. I remember that just buying mats I could get 8g from mahadevi>solis and 12g from silent>solis, and if you can see, one took you 8 min and other 18 min, I don't know how packs were to nuians but I think was the same or similar.

    After the patch, most packs needed less raw mats but more proceseed, the change was fine, except that they changed some recipe too much, some packs were increased from 100 to 120 and 80 to 100, no a big deal, but other that needed puree or ground spice took the recipe from 30 to 120, and 50 to 150, that was insane. Anyway, This is just my opinion about those change, this adjustment were made to avoid people just farming in safe land and make them visit more often war zones. Right now I make other kinds of packs that leave me less gold but cost less.

    And yes, I agreed with @snerdles, packs were made (in most cases) to travel as far away as possible to get more gold.

    About the cargos and packs in general, The only one thing I would change is how the cargos are made right now. 14 speciality packs are so high after the 4.5 changes, the other two have fine ratio, I think a 10/8/4 should work better than 14/8/4.

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    Not to mention the values don't make a lick of sense. It feels like xlgames threw darts at a wall to determine what packs were worth, when you look at ynys packs being more valuable just 500 meters away in vill when compared to 6000 meters away in solis. Make pack value based on how many meters are between the origin of the pack and the destination, and allow packs to be traded in at any outlet or even specialty bench to cargo brokers that pay you just 10% less than what the towers pay you. 3 coppers value per meters traveled plus 5 for specialty, 10 for fellowship, and 15 for larder. Just a huge missed opportunity.

    It's not hard.

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