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Thread: WTB - Kickass Bow - Mythic Obsid or Erenor Considered

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    WTB - Kickass Bow - Mythic Obsid or Erenor Considered

    Let me know what you have and how much you want
    Undecided if Mythic Obsid or Epic/Leg Erenor is better, happy to also have opinions on this
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    Erenor isn't ideal until it's Legendary; then the DPS gains negate the 15% crit damage that you're sacrificing by not going for Obsidian.

    That said, Mythic Obsidian has minimal DPS gain over a Legendary Obsidian and in the long run, the extra 6.9% crit damage isn't really worth the roughly 100K differential between what a Leggy T7 sells for and what these people want for their Mythic T7's.

    Most Mythic T7's are looking for 150-190K - from what people have asked for (there were like 4 available in the last week).
    Legendary Erenor is about 400K - at least the one that I know of that is for sale.

    Legendary T7 is... what, 70-80K at this point lately?

    Mythic T7 users still lose to Legendary T7 users.
    Legendary Erenor users still lose to Legendary T7 users.
    Mythic Erenor user still loses to a Legendary T7 user.

    Legendary T7 is more than sufficient if you're building properly.

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