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Thread: Possibly transferring

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    Possibly transferring

    Hi. We are 2 players from Conviction wondering about the state of this server? More specifically, is content locked down by a guild/nation just freefarming, or is there PVP over content?
    Our current server has the nations of Disaster and Pokemon holding hands and freefarming it, without opposition. As fun as it is to pirate them daily, we can't fight over content here, there is no force for that.

    We are looking to do our first server transfer, probably not a permanent move, but it could be fun to fight over content for a while... so wondering if that is something that is happening here or you simply have a guild/nation just freefarming, without any opposition. Hoping for some non-trolly answers, hit me up if you can provide some info^^

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    GG Nation have 6 castle, and are people from Disaster.

    Have pvp on SOG wich Pirates(Happy Aciddents) vs GG and West.

    But is only it... If you want pvp go to Thunderwing. (wich more than 9k gear).

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