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  • Its easy to drop , need nerf

    8 2.76%
  • the drop rate is ok

    43 14.83%
  • the drop rate is low

    56 19.31%
  • the drop rate really sucks

    183 63.10%
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    33% drop bonus, 1 hour, 8 pieces. Farming in Heedmar (not DS, since DS has lower drop rate). Low dps (healer build). I think it is okay. It is not for free but not so terrible.
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    thx for replying, but your accurate hour is just an illusion of drop
    farm it for 10-12 hours and then say, how it drops

    we farming it for 3 days, every day for 16 hours, we have at all ~280 pieces

    so how many years i should farm it for 10 people party? 280 pieces - 3 celest parts, everybody needs about 10-12 parts

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    Yeah for a full armor celestial it would take 1 month maybe of 10h farming each day,ez no life?when ppl alredy have full divine epherium from day 1 on FS.Trion consider put weekly 2-3x loot event especially on FS,or add the 120% loot potion like in korea, or just raw increase the loot rate in the EU/NA version or reduce the exp required for synthesis on next grade.
    Could you answer to the community in a reasonable time, and not in the next 5 months?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rikalus View Post
    Can't believe ppl crying over not getting decent stats. Gears not even been in the game a week.
    lol, I saw the first crying forum post just a few hours after patch release.

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    Listen,I definitely understand its one of the best gears for second phase maybe 3rd.And i was not expecting to gather it easyly ofc.But the thing is there is no balance here.At first day for 10 hours farming I get like 15-18 pieces(which were not i was looking for as stats) whatever at least its something but then 6 hours farming and only 1 drop. This should be a joke right ? We tried everything to find a solution like buffs,places bla bla.Like yes you get %65 loot drop chance with guild buff,halcyona and 4 consumables.With war it says %100 drop rate tried in DS tried in marcala,heedmar.Tons of hours still max 2,3 pieces.Also tried as 4 ppl,3ppl and solo farming.Party members also full buffed for drop rate but its not working.Some GM needs to make an explanation about what we are doing wrong.Other than that when we get our full celestiel hiram gear(if we get) People will already get their ayanad sets )

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    thanks for commenting, since yesterday hiram drop rate was decreased

    about 2-3 pieces in hour

    where is our pots with 120% drop rate in free use like in korea

    where is our drop rate &

    hello trino, is this the end?

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    Drop rate is really bad, i have tryed using all loot pots having total of 100% loot drop rate while DS is in war but what happens is coin purses will drop 100% and a crap ton of honor gems, however hiram gear doesnt seem to be affected by loot buffs because if anything, i was getting less of them when using buffs. For instance, in one hour i only got 2 hiram pieces while under full buff, meaning every loot drop rate buff currently ingame. This was tested on legacy servers btw where we have more loot buffs. Honestly, im getting more hiram drops when im not using any buffs then i get with buffs. Long story short, drop rate of hiram gear is way too bad and honestly not worth the time investement. Its bassically RNG and not a certain drop rate at all like everything else with this gear, its all RNG meaning if you are lucky you will will get good drop rate, if you are not then sucks to be you i guess. Actual drop rate doesnt seem to matter in the case of this gear as loot pots and such doesnt affect it at all seems like, at least from what i have been experiencing. At this rate, to fully level up one piece you will have to grind for at least a month every day, and if you by any chance want to go for full set i dont see you being done in under a year. Doesnt really fit the deffinition of catch up gear when you have to grind for months just to get it, and by that time its already outdated anyway
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    1 hour with 40% loot drop, 17 hiram pieces. It’s not too bad, but I understand its worse if you’re on fresh start.

    Quote Originally Posted by Islyn View Post
    Another useless post from you. What a surprise.

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    i don't know, you dropping every hour for 17 pieces? so 10 hours = 2 or 3 celestial parts?
    i'm staying with my const party for 16hours every day, we killed about 18-20k mobs, we have about 12-14k purses, we have ~320 parts carl, 3 2 0

    is it ok drop rate? yes? no problems

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    I'm at 4 hours of farming. I have my bow and Lute perfect stats and unique, with the bow almost celestial. Seems pretty easy.
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