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Thread: My alts received a perma ban

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    Exclamation My alts received a perma ban

    Alright, Its been well over 4 days and I'm yet to receive a constructive response from Trion about my situation. I've been banned for Honor farming/Exploiting. Let me start from the begging. When double honor event started on Fresh Start server everyone and I mean everyone started doing "Zone quests" that give honor as reward upon killing 30/50/100/200 minions. 9 zones in total which results in about 70-80k honor per character.

    People would advertise these zones as alt welcome as long as the main character participated in killing the mobs. All of this went relatively fast. I was done with EU characters in about a day. The next day I was determined to do it on NA. My alts there had almost no gear as they were simply there to spend labor and generate loyalty for patron on all those accounts so I bought them gear on AH. I had 2 alts geared and spec'ed into Sorcery/Occultims/Songcraft. And even this went relatively fast. 2 alts killing the mobs while the rest leeched on kills. Friend and me (who is in the same situation as me right now) kept these raids going and invited people with their alts that also came helped and went away upon completion. This is not something that would constitute abuse as majority of the server did this.

    There are 9 alts and 1 main in question. My main received a suspension of 24h for whatever reason, he idled on NA as 2 of the other alts killed the mobs so my main is just as guilty of what the alts are accused off but the 2 alts that participated and killed mobs received a perma ban.

    Now my questions to trion if these bans are legit and are unable to be appealed:
    1) Why is it that my main only got a 24h suspension and not perma like the rest of them?
    2) During Kaduum debacle where were your GMs enforcing this rule and can you point to a specific rule under which I'm suspended?
    3) How is it that my alts that played legit and did not abuse the raid mechanics or whatever got permaed?
    4) How many alts is in the spirit of the game?
    5) How many am I allowed to have?
    6) Where were the GMs during these events banning alts that sat on honor point collector?
    7) Why is it that my friend and I are the only ones to be banned for this when there are multiple people guilty of this?
    8) For how long do you intend to keep my alts in a limbo and how long for something like this does it take to get an answer?

    I'm honestly tired of this. Trion just took away about 30k-40k gold of value away from my alts. Whatever I earned during grinding all that honor (I mind you that was not exploiting) I lost ten-fold and I'm yet to receive an update about my situation.

    The ticket number is #1090137
    If you can help me then please do so or just tell me what exactly is the exploit and what rule did I break.

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    same in my character they banned almost 5 days for no reason...my ticket number 1090697

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    same here, banned for no reason #1091932

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    Seems like this is somewhat of a common response from trion.

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    Keep at it; don't give in and even try Reddit, a good friend of mine had alts banned for items gained fraudulently and something else;
    She posted on Reddit, someone else chimed in and discovered that the GM's & Senior GM's are in the wrong.

    They reinstated her accounts and compensated her;
    Sadly tho, by then all her land... gone, her trust in the GM's of this game & Trion themselves, gone..... her... well she moved on to another game.
    I'm in the same boat repeating myself multiple times in a ticket to GM's and its REALLY.... REALLY annoying especially when we pay for patron, buy credits, buy the packs & apex.
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    I'm banned for one week and my main and my 2 alt banned for no reason. When I ask Gm on mail they sent me ''After reviewing pertinent logs, we have determined that the action taken against your account for botting was correct. We will not be reversing relevant suspensions and/or notes applied to your account.'' what should I do?? I banned because of something I didn't do

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