Hi, I was playing on my computer on the last friday, and when I arrived at the Solzreed Trade Outlet for my last 4 trade run [i do this daily], and started delivering packs at NPC, I just died well at the Trade Outlet!!! now I can not move, I can not resuscitate, I'm completely stuck without being able to play, I need urgent help please !!!

Last year my brother had a similar problem, he was in the same place, and after his computer "freeze" several times in a row [because he was installing another game while playing archeage] his pc got pretty heavy , this caused a false positive in the archeage, causing it to be marked as supect debuff, but after contacting support, it was verified that it was just a bug that happens one time or another, and everything has been resolved.

I'm online right now, and I'll leave AFK for any verification that is needed!

I waited 5h to debuff gone, I left the game (waiting 1800 seconds) and the debuff reappeared again... It's in a loop. I have written a ticket "Request #1091319", but, a GM answered me last Sunday, but he gave me no prediction to solve the problem, he just said "development team is aware of this issue and are working to address it", it's been several days since the problem happened and I still can not do anything because of this..., I can not play!, my patron is finishing I have to renew, I'm going to lose my houses if it takes too long to solve this !!!

I need help, I want to play and I do not know what I have to do...