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Thread: Missing textures

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    Missing textures

    I have had missing textures since i updated this past thursday the 17th,all i get in a reply is either to check forums with no reply back regarding suggestions or bugs then another reply back saying to close the game and patcher and log back in.i can't check my land to see when my taxes are due,losing gold cause i can't play,etc..i uninstalled glyph and arche age,deleted all folders related to archeage,reinstalled to and nothing is working either as i tried the above option from the reply in the email...i need more then a reply telling me to watch the forum and closing out the game and such and logging back in...i did have the april update but never anything about it messing with the game either.

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    Have you tried changing from dx 11 to dx9 (think its 9) thats helped me when i had missing textures, also try updating your gpu driver (or maybe rolling it back, it might be it and not the game). �� Love your user name ��

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