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Thread: Percy meets... Lore... Blog Post Series on ArcheAge Lore!

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    Percy meets... Lore... Blog Post Series on ArcheAge Lore!

    You guys thought I was gone, ey?

    Well, my interest in ArcheAge Lore has been brewing over the last few months. I've read some of it and they all make me quite excited to learn about ArcheAge's history - because I've seen that many updates' "reason" bounces from the Lore of ArcheAge.

    For that reason, I've decided to start a blog post series on my blog (Percy Meets ArcheAge) to share information from the Korean website in English, since I think it should be more accessible to those who want to learn more about the Lore.

    As always, like I've done in the past, I encourage comments and questions since they can help me fine tune my writings and have more perspectives on what the meaning of the Korean text is.

    As for the posts, I'm trying to do them chronologically. And for the first one, we'll start off with... Dragons! (click here for the post) I'm planning to make the next post about the Akasch and Ipni, if I can find info on it.

    I'll put a post here each time I update the blog with new information. In the near future I plan to tackle The Fir and The Hawk, so stay tuned

    (For those wondering where I've been: I've been busy with IRL stuff, and quit AA because of that. I'm still interested in AA's story though. I won't be posting update info on my blog for a long while, however. For that I'd like to learn Korean first.)

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    Gratz, this is amazing.
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