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    i agree we need a better drop

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    Behind you o.o !
    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMemory View Post
    1. You actually make no sense, im not being rude, but your post has so little grammatical structure, that i can't understand it.
    2. I and many others actually have the drop rate you were talking about, and its random rng pieces without guaranteed stats or a guarentee on the piece you get, so its worse than farming for a specific drop that is low drop rate.

    1. I'm not talkin about you specifically, so I'm not rude. and I'm sorry but English is not my first language.
    2. There is something called "re-roll" stats. Look for pieces that have at least 2 stats that you like, and try to find the third.
    currently using that method I have 3 "perfect" items for me. and all that is left is given of food

    and I insist,

    Quote Originally Posted by Merthriell M View Post
    and for those who say "I have 95% drop rate! and nothing falls" ..
    it's a .. "95% chance ... and who knows, maybe the pieces have a 0.1% drop", mathematics o,o/
    rng is based on numbers, if you are an hour killing mobs ... you should not rely on "one hour".

    At least kill 5> 10 hours a day, get the count of how much you killed and so you calculate.

    and obviously having a decent weapon to grind helps a lot.
    Fresh Start (Nui)

    M e r t h r i e l l

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    O.o rng is based on numbers o.O
    Cute - keep drinking that magic tea
    rng = Random Number Generation; meaning the drop likelihood fluctuates from mob to mob - Even with a 100% Buff, the likelihood of receiving a drop is still up to chance.
    First Weapon Takes me 5 Days to Celestial.
    Second Weapon Takes me 5 Weeks, using same Buffs, Title, Proficiency and Location.
    This is RNG at it's finest! A huge deterrent in this day and age.
    In other words - It's going to take, as long as it takes.
    Expect to be out there [Forever], and when you finish early, you a winner!

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    Wink Agree

    Quote Originally Posted by Corpranis View Post
    It would be really nice if this information was put on glyph in advance to the downtime. Not everyone checks the forums, but everyone will see a Glyph post. A 24 or 12 hour advance would be good.
    Quote=Dartagnin; I conquer it would be awsome i prepared for it yesterday cuz u never know when AA is gana slap u w a update without notice which sux
    Thanks n safe journeys/Quote

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    I can say for certain that this is not a good way to gear up. It is nice for getting 2-3 pieces, at most, for most players. Like an instrument or off-hand. But I did some number crunching and it is faster to work towards making epherium for yourself, which is then hopefully non-crystalized after regrading, I only goto unique/celest, so good chance I can upgrade it later. Hiram is a long grind into dead end gear. Already grinding areas are becoming thin with players on fresh start because everyone can tell it is not worth the time and effort.

    The old aurorian gear was a good quick catch up set, not ideal but it got you over 3k and thus able to do a lot more. Hiram is just a pointless time sink. I was also hoping for more PvP but gankers never stay, they just kill mind numbed grinders and leave to then come back 15-20 minutes later. There is no actual PvP to be had, no one sticks around and the players grinding could care less.

    Hiram is a fail. Hardly anyone will be doing the mobs in about another week. Just so many other things to do that are more fun and more profitable/helpful/etc.

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    I have to make my contribution regarding the new Hiram gear drops, the drop rate is rubbish and it has nothing to do with RNG or in game programmable math. I logged on this morning and got two pieces of the new gear within my first 5 kills. Then spent the next 6 hours killing mob after mob without getting a single gear drop! I noticed from my time farming for this gear over the last 5 days that I was more likely to get a couple of gear drops soon after logging into my game account, then nothing for the rest of the day, that does not strike me as a fairly programmed RNG condition.

    I could understand anyone stating that it has all to do with RNG and game mechanic math and them even quoting drop rate percentages if they knew what those were. But we are not talking about the RNG of a single item here, we are talking about the so called RNG of multiple items of gear, 38 items of gear that are supposed to have an RNG drop rate of whatever percentage? 38 items should give you a much better rate than 360 kills to 0 gear drops for a 6 hour farming cycle and thats just for 1 morning. I can say that 4 ot of 5 days have been pretty much the same, long hours of gear farming with zero gear drops.

    I saw someone in here state that it was possibly a 0.1% drop rate for this gear, if that were the case then the actual drops would be rarer than Thunderstruck trees, because there are less people farming for this gear than there are tree farmers in game.

    A friend and I have spent the last five days farming a specific region for this gear, and not seen another player farming for it, sorry I lie, I spotted one Nuian farming the mobs in DS, but that is the only other person I have seen. I get the impression that a lot of players know the drop rate is rubbish and they are not even bothering to try for it and that is the biggest indicator to me, the lack of enthusiasm from the gamers in here, says it all!

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    Here’s my experience with AA RNG grinding Hiram Gear

    Loot drop rate?
    This is only the likelihood a mob will drop something..... Not necessarily the item you’re grinding for.

    An item’s drop rate is not increased by your loot drop rate; that being said, you can increase the likelihood of attainable items from your grind-fest by adding loot potions, titles, proficiency and not sharing your kills with a party/raid member.

    The mobs in question, only drop gold/silver/copper coins, Prince’s Coin purse, Prince’s Crate, Haunted Chest, Silver Crate, Faint Honor Gem, Dimmed Honor Gem, Arcane (something) Honor Gem, and the coveted (one of 38 Hiram Gear pieces).
    I know I’m missing some item, but, after 8 days out here, it’s all running together.

    Less Loot Drop Percentage = Less of anything on that mobs “RNG” loot list at the time of the kill. Not less of one item, just less - period.

    Owner: Kraken’s First Hiram One-hand Axe @ Celestial 100% Full Gem’d with T1 Critical Damage o.O We all know I need better gems, but, I also need that Honor for just about everything else too.

    Only 9 more pieces to go....
    You do the math, my brain hurts, now.

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