<Myrmidons> We are a PVX guild with focus on gearing and PVP.

We will have old school players from beta and on starting again. We will be pushing the envelop to be competitive.

We will be a West guild.

Faction Friendly.

18+ please.

We will be accepting anyone that is active and looking to have fun. While the most of us are Hardcore pvpers you always need a mix of everyone.

We love to dominion and fishing.

I strongly believe in guild helping guild. We are more of a family / brotherhood then a guild.

Everyone is involved and everyone has a voice. We decide things as a family not being told what to do.

Under New leadership and looking for active players. Looking for Small groups of friends to join our community !

No we are not the Myrmidons from Ollo We are from Nazar !

Come join us and lets have a blast!!!!!

Discord is Required .. you don't need a mic but need to be in discord for guild communication.

Come into discord and message myself or an officer or post in the potential new recruit channel...

Please message Macrinus or put in application in game we are list on the recruitment boards !

Anyone Question please feel free to replay here or send me a message.