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Thread: Suggestion for charcoal cargos

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    Suggestion for charcoal cargos

    Hi all,
    at the moment all have problems with charcoal, because it's nearly impossible to get a cargo pack when you brought one over the sea. 24/7 campers are mostly faster.
    The result is, many people gave it up, less charcoal is on market, the prices went up, less merchants to plunder for pirates...
    My suggestion is, that if you bring in a cargo over the sea, you get a certificate additional to the gold amount, which is needed to get a charcoal cargo.
    The certificate should be tradeable, so that it can be given to others if you don't want to use it yourself. Think this way more life will come back to the sea and people are less frustrated because of charcoal.

    Another way would be to change the recipes, that less charcoal is needed, but that won't bring the people back to the sea routes.

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    I agree that the cargo campers are a problem. I had a similar idea earlier today in fact. My personal implementation would be to have a 3-5 minute window where the cargo you brought in is "owned" by you, meaning that only you can purchase it. Once the timer expires, it is then put into the public pool, where anyone can take it. This allows a grace window for people who forget to check their available gold, labor, or certificates. This should hopefully not put any great strain serverside either, as it is essentially how mob looting works currently, with unlooted mobs becoming free loot after a time period.

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    Just an FYI, when you sell something it isn't yours anymore.
    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
    Epic Erenor Katana - 815.3 DPS.
    Epic Erenor Bow - 693 DPS... worse than the gimped weapon even though it's a primary weapon.
    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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    On the same page, who realistically runs uncertified cargo for the gold alone? The current system will drive away anyone who actually wants to run the tier 2 packs. Eventually, we will see a drought of packs broken up by the occasional red running packs across.

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    The greed of some people....................EVERYTHING IS MINE.

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    The OP suggestion is good.
    As modification it is possible to add one more Instant Certification Trader, who immediately certifies your pack for some gold (i. e. 1g).
    You approach this separate trader with 2T pack, pay and immediately have CC pack over your shoulders.

    Unfortunately this does not fix trade system in general.

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    Honestly rolling back from the cargo system would be the better move. As it is the current trade system forces play and this wasn't what the game was originally launched as. To launch a game as Sandbox but theme park almost all the major content is a bold lie. The previous system gave people more flexibility to choose where they wanted to make packs and turn them in. Additionally this had more people on the sea with more packs at a given time.

    The old gold trader runs would at times have fleets of merchants moving as one with an army of people to guard them. If you wanted to encourage PVP go back to a system that did it.

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