Your company bugged grimgast rift for a week, the mobs didn't spawn. thus no one was able to complete the quest and get their leadership points. eye rift is still bugged and no one is able to get the leadership from it. People have worked hard at obtaining enough leadership, and get elected hero to get the 4,000 leadership box. taking vacations at work, because who knows if you will ever get elected again, and have this chance. If they are short x amount because of bugs on your end. Its your job to compensate for that, and that current month, because it won't matter the following month, New hero's and gr isn't bugged. I submitted a ticket already but Senior GM Wedge was so kind to state that you guys don't give out rewards or compensation for non completed events. Its impossible to complete events when you guys break the event...... if some is doing gr every day and getting credit before you bugged it, then its on your end. COMPENSATE for breaking those events this month, if not its just piss poor customer service, and work ethic and your paying customers are deff taking notice.