So it has come to my attention that when one finally gets the red dragon heartshard and begins to raise it they get bound into a color they may not want.

I believe some form of upgrade path could be beneficial to the progression of these boss pets. While I'm aware the rarity goes black > green > red. I believe one should be able upgrade a fully grown red dragon by contributing to it or by "feeding" it perhaps.

It could require for the player to use one extra heartshard per evolution. In this case if a player has the red version and used an extra heartshard they could push it to the green version, and same from Green to Black. Another possibility could be that a player could just have a chance of an upgrade Everytime you're forced to renew it with the scroll every 30 days. One last possibility could be needing a large amount of red dragon spinal ridges to craft into the dragon for a upgrade.

I believe this opens up people wanting these amazing pets in their arsenal with the potential in their astounding beast becoming the elusive black version!