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Thread: Returning Player Looking For Gear Advice

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    Returning Player Looking For Gear Advice

    Returning to the game after a long absence and I am at a loss as to where to start for getting my gear up to a competitive level.

    I am playing an Ebonsong. I am not on a fresh start server.

    What set of gear should I get as a baseline that I can start building upon as I earn gold.


    Is crafted armor the way to go now with obisidian phasing out? Start with a Delphinad Gale(?) set?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Focus on getting an Erenor bow first.
    Start with Epherium gear if you don't have it already, then Delphinad and try to get as soon as possible Ayanad gear.
    Some obsidian parts can still be useful tho. (but they are expensive to craft or to buy)

    Then choose what you want to counter.
    Melee DPS ? Go plate.
    Magic DPS ? Go cloth.
    A bit of the two ? Go leather.

    Then you can either choose to go for magic damage main/offhand (with the poison revamp, you probably can make high dmg output)
    or have more survivability by using a shield (could be useful)
    or have more ranged dps (focus on ranged crit dmg)

    1v1 pk/arena > focus on DPS
    raid vs raid > focus on survivability

    I think that's the best advice I could give you.

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    Epherium is gear lvl 50 and up.

    So to start with Epherium, with no crafting skills, with not enough gear/ exp to farm the designs from lvl 1 is like shooting flies with canons.

    To beginn from lvl 1-50 just go with the gear the quests/mobs will drop you. This is the cheapest way to get gear and without spending gold. This gear will be perfect until you finish your main story line.

    At lvl50 you can start thinking on Epherium gear, or go to the Diamond Coast to farm Hiram gear. Pro Epherium is that it is instant by crafting. Pro Hiram gear is that it is super cheap to upgrade, no comparison to any other upgrade costs of other gear in the game.

    The problem is that farming Hiram gear takes a very very long time and I would not prefer Hiram weapons before hitting Tier2.

    So think about to move to Diamond Coast for about 2-3 month and farm there every day at least for 1-2 war time periods (war time the drop rate is slightly higher).

    I can however confirm the comment from Hill about plate, cloth, leather. Depends on your class/skills and what you plan to do.

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    If you want precise advice on what to work on from here, it would be good to have some info on what you have right now.

    you can set everything there
    I know it's a bit outdated but everything you have from before your break should be in there

    (kyrios badges - in case you've been to the arena recently)

    abyssal skills?

    add any info you might think is important but I forgot to mention
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