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Thread: Astro view (the last)

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    Post Astro view (the last)

    Hello, here Mystern i will send you my last Astro view of the game !
    I will show you my last research about the universe the game take place, you will also find a .pdf of it with more detail.
    In this post i will show you the result i've obteined in my research : i made an hypotesis about the planet internal structure; with the previous "Astro view" and some fact i think Erenor is Callisto a moon of Jupiter.
    This is my last astro view, you are free to use all the data i've found.

    The First astro view model was not correct !

    1. The Erenor internal structure (Planet) compared to the Callisto internal :
      Callisto_Internal.png Erenor_Internal.png
      I used Callisto's data as Erenor data because the Erenor's sky is the same as Callisto ! But the internal structure of the two are different...In the pdf i launch the hypotesis that Thiol the "God" of Erenor came on Callisto to terraform the planet to hold life. This hypotesis can launch some reasearch about our genealogy ! This would also explain why the "Garden" is hide into the planet's cave.
    2. The Erenor trajectory in the Jupiter refence :
      I made a c++ program to calculate the trajectory of all the bodies of what we see in the game sky...To have an idea of what is happening in our sky.
    3. The Erenor trajectory in the Sun refence :
      I used the same program for this part, but i Added a Sun with the same data as the Sun of our Solar System.
      Something still look weird on the front trajectory draw i will take a look.

    On the second Trajectory draw, the "Front" view is zoomed, because it's look like a line from the normal view.

    The part i like the most is the hypotesis that Thiol came on Callisto to build her world, what i have explained in the pdf is that Thiol used her energy into the Callisto's core to increase the surface's temperature, to make the water liquid and build an atmosphere, to make able life on it !

    But we, little player Don't know about Thiol's power, but by some observation we know that Kyrio's power allow him to destroy a huge part of terrain ( like Auroria ), so we can imagine the demesure of Thiol's power, able to intteract with celestial bodies…(Maybe ) !

    I hope this last post will help you in your research about the game lore
    These data allow us to understand the story before everything, when the planet was an ice sphere filled by saltwater

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    Amazing, I'm a fan of this study, but beware inclination and orbital period, callisto has same rotation and traslation period, and that would mean that we could always see jupiter in the same spot in the sky, night or day.I've noticed that the sun in Erenor, does not set completely (this is more evident in auroria, climb the Esya Dena Volcano). What do you think of this?

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    Yeah the body doesn't look the same on some different point of the map , so i used an "average looking" of them !

    In the normal area Jupiter absolutely look fixed in the sky, the move of this body and the sun gave me a lot of trouble ! XD But we can think during day time Jupiter is eclipsed by the sun.
    Day time : (Sun) ----> (J) ------> (Erenor) : In this position the light ray doesn't reflect on Jupiter's body, but we should see at least a ligth Crescent due to J's atmosphere during day time.

    I've recorded one day the full trajectory and size of the Sun in the sky, this is not really physically possible, it start big and end little, this make me think that Erenor wasn't a moon of Jupiter at the Begening, but be able to see Jupiter and Ganymede every night mean Erenor is a Moon of Jupiter !

    For attraction force of Jupiter and the Erenor distance between Jupiter & the Sun make it a moon of J.

    Another Huge problem of the game if you look carefully : The star doesn't Moving in night time, which would mean the planet doesn't rotate, but we have a Day/Night cycle...And we also see J Fixed in the sky so this would mean we rotate, do you feel the Paradox XD ?

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    Wooow !

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    Nerd alert 😎

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