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    ARCHEAGE KR - Mushroom House


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    About time they release a house that is cute and still lore friendly! The fact that it's 24x24 loses a lot of appeal though as you only get 1 flowerbed while you could have an upgraded 16 with 2. It's only viable for looks. Kr gets a free furniture pack with it because it's purchased straight from the cash shop. We'll have to see where it lands here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinalee View Post

    Freshstart got the rng box with the design but legacy didnt.

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    Hey all,
    As stated in the blog post, the Legacy version of the Mushroom House crate has been delayed. We found an issue with the crate and had to request a fix from XL. We're hoping to have it by end of day tomorrow, but it may end up being sent and checked by sometime next week. Legacy will get their Mushroom House crates though!

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    Mushroom House

    Will the mushroom house only be available in crates or will we be able to buy it separately with credits or loyalty?

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