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Thread: Just found this game.....

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    Just found this game.....

    Well I was searching for a new game to play and for some reason I've never heard of this..... seems pretty sweet, although very limited as to what I can do in the start..

    It says I'm on a fresh start server but all the merchants sell items that cost a hundred gold, lol.. wtf, I don't have a hundred gold and even the general merchant doesn't sell anything I can use, lol..

    I can't craft nothing, well I get a free puck axe but have to buy a spoon to mix my grain with. And it cost me more to craft that then it does just to buy a potion. Not sure what's going on here.. but hey I'm level 15 now and still can't really do any crafting I can't even fish, that costs 100 gold.. um I thought the emphasis of this game was about the variety of crafting. Anyway I'm enjoying the multiclass system and the quick combat based encounters. So that's a big plus!

    Maybe we can put a few weapons and armor with the merchants that I could atleast buy if wanted for my level, lol considering it's a fresh start server (what ever that means)

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    Level up to 50 and then you can do most of the professions you might want to do.
    15 is at ther very beginning and dosnt take long. Basically thr game until level 50 is kind of a long tutorial to show you different maps, monsters and build up a story (to tell you why you are "the chosen one to rescue the world like all of us)

    The hundreds of gold are a medium amoubt of gold later on. The merchants sell mostly stuff you dont need. To armor and weapons: Every few levels(3-7) you get new gear by quests. Basically each zone or every second zone grants you whole new gear.

    Freshstart means: Server is younger than the others(2month old), so a more gearwise even playfield. On the other hand more limited due to restrictions(no high dungeons, gear or level 55, ancestral levels and skill or abyssal skills) as it is a progression server. Plus it has its own Auctionhouse so it might be limited in some ways(either customers or products)
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    Thanks and I've quickly started to relize that fact about crafting... I gained my 20th level and the game alerted me that I could craft my own weapons and armor but theirs still nothing I can craft that I can use....

    Story and combat are pretty sweet so I'll just keep exploring but was hoping for more of a purpose than to just level.

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    you dont need to craft your own gear untill lvl 50
    just exp on quest chain and after you up lvl 50, start explore professions etc

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    Woot! Just hit level 30 and was completely overwhelmed in the matter of minutes, lol.. now I have to craft something and have about 20 quests.. yikes! What to do, what to do! Lol

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    Must say the more I learn about this game the more interesting it becomes! Looking forward to playing it (with no intent of continue my search for another mmo at this time)

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