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Thread: Lost my 16x16 full of aging cheese

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    Lost my 16x16 full of aging cheese

    So, some days ago I did two 16x16 scarecrow farms full of aging cheese larders, one of my main account and another my alt. Then I was afk from the game for like 2 days, now I have one 16x16 full of aging cheese ready to deliver(2 days and some hours remaining) and the another one is gone LOL. I have 100% sure that I made those larders in the same day,difference of 10min +- for construction and ingredients. I didn't check those larders u know, just log in into the game right now and one of them is gone. Happened in mahadevi.
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    1: Did they despawn, like did you not pick them in time?
    2: If they were picked did you reset them after 5 days?
    3: Did you check the scarecrow to see if it was made into public, this happens sometimes? I had it happen to me twice before and got lucky

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