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Thread: Looking for oldest player

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    ---------------- 1962 here since the bÍta with a stop of several months due to move and no connection

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    wow, Bless you all. Seems I lost this one as so far I am the youngest.

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    playing AA since launch and now on ...break! 1962 also here and glad I see all these posts above (also not post with my original accout here I don't like to be treated special anyway)

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    You guys who created new forum accounts to post in here might want to consider removing that information. Those who wield the banhammer are not exactly noted for their sense of humor.

    From forum rules:
    1. Only one forum account per legitimate user, please.
    While we may all have our alts, please stick to posting with one main account here on the forums. The exception here is for those who also have an account for the Fresh Start servers....Forum accounts that abuse forum guidelines will find their main accounts subject to further disciplinary action.
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