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Thread: Looking for oldest player

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    ---------------- 1962 here since the bÍta with a stop of several months due to move and no connection

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    wow, Bless you all. Seems I lost this one as so far I am the youngest.

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    playing AA since launch and now on ...break! 1962 also here and glad I see all these posts above (also not post with my original accout here I don't like to be treated special anyway)

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    You guys who created new forum accounts to post in here might want to consider removing that information. Those who wield the banhammer are not exactly noted for their sense of humor.

    From forum rules:
    1. Only one forum account per legitimate user, please.
    While we may all have our alts, please stick to posting with one main account here on the forums. The exception here is for those who also have an account for the Fresh Start servers....Forum accounts that abuse forum guidelines will find their main accounts subject to further disciplinary action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon123 View Post
    Pretty sure I am the oldest player! Been playing AA since Beta and only a few close & trusted friends know my age. I was 72 in March this year and I am female! Because I am fairly sure there are people who are prejudiced against older players or would treat them differently, I choose to keep my age secret. Like MrSavage above who seems to think us older players should be treated differently or set apart which I do not believe in. I play this game better than most and my only failing is I suck at pvp cos my reactions are that much slower than the youngsters. I have no wish to be treated any different from anyone else though! (I had to register a different name to post this as I am a regular on the Forums)
    I think I know you.

    Anyhow I know what you mean about the reaction times and PvP. I see them coming at me knowing that my only hope, is a random "hulk smash" at the keyboard while I wait for grey matter to come up with a better response. As for my age I'm far from the oldest here. Let's just say I was in diapers when they landed on the moon.
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    i rest the older crowd that plays video games im only 40 but i had a in game friend she got her mother to play bc she lost her husband she was around 75 or something the game kept her busy and not feeling depressed so me and my squad of pirates made sure she was protected at all times she was a care bear i know how she feels i lost my grandparents they meant the world to me what AA did for her WoW did for me REST IN PARADISE grandma and grandpa love yall

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    There's a lady who's 83 in rollingdice shatigon eu. She's lovely and very chatty , takes her a while to respond to messages tho bless her. Her sister did play with her but she passed away a few months ago.

    Seeing her online makes my day

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