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Thread: Returning Player

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    Returning Player

    Hey hows everything? is it easier now to gear up? or still that difficult?

    regards everyone

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    It takes about half the mats it used to take to make Delphinad and down. Going Ayanad and up requires about the same amount of mats. Regrade failures on Ayanad that used to break gear now turn it into "crystalized" gear. You can't regrade crystalized gear further or use it to craft erenor but you can gem and equip it normally.

    The best path for a returning player is to gradually work on a decent grade crystalized ayanad suit.

    That said, the trade changes have greatly reduced the availability to charcoal so it's pretty tricky to get mats to make stuff. You'd have to run the numbers but I suspect it's cheapest to buy crystalized Ayanad gear on the AH.

    Supposedly changes are coming to fix the economy issues but we'll see.

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