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Thread: FIX Bosses BUG

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    FIX Bosses BUG

    hello archeage team, can u pls fix the Bosses GR and CR this is so stupid do boss like this allways need Hug Boss,, and allways one make ♥♥♥♥ go range and reset boss. Is just loosing Time for rest of Grp, and yeha once happen not that worst but happen so much because or someone do extra or Enemy.
    Iam Ranger why i can use my skill by boss need hug ?? didint understand this

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    That's not a bug, that's the mechanic.

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    What it needs is the raid leader to just kick them, same with the afk's, if your not helping then your hindering the rest of the raid and deserved to be kicked along with your alts.

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