Fresh Startís Conquer phase is almost here. Get ready for it by checking out what new content will be unlocked.

Fresh Start Phase 3

We're excited to bring players Phase 3 content on the 13th of June! It'll flesh out the Fresh Start experience to include more land, more mobs, and more quests. Prepare yourself to venture deeper into Auroria to raid difficult dungeons and face off against high level foes!

Difficult Dungeons Open Up

The Akasch temple of Serpentis has been discovered in Exeloch, baiting many daring adventurers to their deaths. The Naga, lead by the powerful Jola the Cursed, surround the temple entrance, where they worship the Akasch as gods and protect the powerful weapons that can be found inside. Bring your most worthy allies to this dungeon, or don't expect to survive the trials that lie within.

In a city damned to the depths, the Sea of Drowned Love dungeon pits you against Dahuta herself! Help release the trapped revenants from their watery prison and deliver them to the Hereafter. Nui's embrace awaits them and you are the only adventurers strong enough to purge this cursed place.

Auroria Access Continues to Expand

Even more of the northern continent becomes available for adventurers to plunder as Golden Ruins, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch become available. You'll also be able to set up shop in Golden Ruins by claiming a land plot or two. This will help you learn the lay of the land before Castles and housing show up in future phases. Until then you'll have plenty of mobs to crush, and hidden farms to tend to.

Stronger Enemies To Take Down

Feeling strong? Try defeating Jola, a Naga priestess who seeks to raise an ancient evil from within Serpentis. Along your journey you'll also have the chance to battle Glenn and Meina, a deadly adventuring duo intent on murdering anyone foolish enough to pursue the power they desire for themselves. Good luck, adventurers.

Dream Bigger

For those adventurers who dare brave the Dream Ring quest, it's time to begin your journey! This unique ring is coveted as best in slot and that comes at a great cost - time. To earn the Mysterious Gem, which begins the quest line, you'll have to defeat Sirothe The Infernal, the final boss of Serpentis. From there, it's a mission of epic proportions to take the ring from Forgotten, to Reforged, to Augmented, and finally to the Flawless Dream Ring. You'll face countless enemies along your road to power, but it'll be worth it!

More Ways to Travel

Those with a lead-foot will be happy to hear that all Tier 1 Cars are now available! This includes the Timber Coupe, Comet Speedster, and Apex Squall.

And for you green thumbs, prepare to increase your output - the Farm Wagon (4 Crates) can now upgrade to the Farm Hauler (6 crates).

- The ArcheAge Team