Itís a bird! Itís a plane! No, itís a pair of brand new gliders, alongside discounted dances, charms & more.

-----Fresh Start-----

Glider Deals

Sale Duration: June 7 Ė 21
Picking up the 'Enhanced Marauder's Glider' will net you a bonus 'Glider Manacharge Scroll'! Glider Manacharge Scrolls can be used to seal enhanced gliders, which grants you the ability to unseal it and reveal it's new and improved stats.

Getting the 'Enhanced Goblin Glider' will also include a bonus 'Glider Manacharge Scroll' and 3 Training Tokens - which can be exchanged for useful items at the Composition Bench in Mirage Isle!

Weekly Sale

Sale Duration: June 7 Ė 14
New items on sale each week! Only available on Fresh Start servers (Nui & Ezi).
  • Dance: Wiggle - 1/account
  • Dance: Yatarena - 1/account
  • Dance: All Out - 1/account
  • Dance: Robot - 1/account
  • Bound Red Regrade Charm - 2/account
  • Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm - 2/account


Sale Duration: June 7 Ė 21
Bound Duun's Blessing - 2/account
Bound Serendipity Stone - 5/account

- The ArcheAge Team