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Thread: Sadness

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    With the ongoing issues with patches it just overwhelms me with sadness. Next to no content compared to what we are promised is released and the one "catch up " mechanic is a joke with the new hiram gear. I was hoping the game would be able to be revived with this mechanic and continue on. Unfortunately I cant believe in the longevity anymore. Everyone that was waiting to farm hiram gear has fallen behind unless they sink so many hours that they cant have an outside life. I might as well have an IV put in my arm so i can farm. Very sad to me but " you no pay you no win"

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    yeah farming hiram pieces in auroria its very depresing sometimes you get 3-4 pieces in 1 hour sometimes nothing in 2 hours (wartime) gankers killing you with 2 hits (not even chance of reaction), apex 420g + again , everytime i log off i have the same feeling..frustration.

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