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Thread: Impossible Gates and Walls

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    Impossible Gates and Walls

    I have to wonder if the Devs bothered to try putting up their beautiful Gates, walls, fences, etc around actual land. Clearly setting up in Mirage Isle doesn't count. It's impossible to get these things looking as nice as they do in Mirage Isle no matter how many hours you waste on it..and how much gold you waste on buying useless junk.

    Oh I can put the walls up fine. It takes A LOT of adjusting, but I can do it and make it look fairly nice. But the 10 gold gates are another story entirely. If you want to get into your land you need to either leave a gap in the wall that looks sort of abnormal or enclose it entirely and only be able to get into your land by jumping the wall lol.

    Case in point. I just spent 98 gold getting all the wall I need plus 2 gates to encase the Apothecary house I have set to public..since I've set it to public I thought it would be nice to make it actually look nice. I came across the first problem in trying to get the walls straight. Why they didn't make the walls auto-align to the edge of the property I will never understand. All the edges of every property are facing the same way, after all. But that was still doable. My biggest problem came in putting the first gate in. First, I could not get the gate close to the edge of the property. So I thought, well ok, then I'll just move the gate and walls inside the lines. No big deal. But nope...that also doesn't work. Because you also can't get the gate anywhere close to the walls themselves. So to have a gate, you have a half a foot gap of empty space between the wall and the gate?!?!

    This is as close as I can get to both the edge of the property AND the edge of the wall:

    If I move the gate over to the left just a fraction and:

    I CAN'T bring them together. I wasted so much gold on this. It was very upsetting when I couldn't even use what I bought .

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    That's kind of odd, because I recently placed the same fences and gates, and I had no trouble putting them down without a gap between.
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    Maybe the problem is with the ground. When the ground is not even you can not place them straight or align them and then they can be crooked as well.

    No matter how the ground is, structures/fences should always be able to be set straight somehow.

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