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Thread: THIS is NOT healthy. FIX IT

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    I already bought 10 apex, just in case the doubts reach 3k xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by blycee View Post
    Apex Price is high because people are willing to pay 1500g for 1 apex insteat o pay 13$ for 1 month sub. Thats the only truth about it.
    Apex price increased insanely in a very short time to a price we have never really seen in the past especially on NA. This gives a shock effect.....

    So yes atm they are willing to pay that for it because they dont want to give up their achievements for which they worked hard and still like the game or dont really have an alternative. So they are forced to pay this amount right now altho they maybe dont like it at all. And ofcourse those who have a lot of gold dont care either....

    After a short while they wake up and get tired and think wtf what am I doing when they see that once again they get slowed down in their progress and the game feels even more like a job. That they need to pay double the gold to keep their patron. Keep in mind that people already have a bad taste about it all because of all the changes we had in the game and the lack of new content....

    Atm for established players its less of a problem but for new players and people who started not that long ago its hard to keep up beside the problem of the gear differences, competing with people with a lot of alts or the "p2w" players etc etc. The problem of getting new players and staying with us only gets worse....

    Dont forget apex is one part why they keep advertising this game as a free to play game. Yes officially it still is but its becoming harder and harder to keep that doing to enjoy the game. So in the end you need to start paying at least for a sub. If apex price was the only problem that the game had atm then maybe it wasnt a big deal but we all know it isnt....so the cons to play start to pile up and people keep quiting. If you advertise it as a free game and in the end you force them to pay to enjoy the game and keep telling lies people start to feel cheated and quit.

    Also, doing p2w via purchasing apex ist totally bad. People prefere to buy credits to get more gold for their money. Why many people should p2w with apex from Trion when they can buy credits?

    I can only say it is what it is and try to enjoy the game for what it is right now, AA is very diverse game and a lot of things to do. It all depends on your goals in game and what you like and you maybe need to adjust those goals atm.
    But stop crying about empty servers or demanding merges or FS again and again if you want to turn a blind eye to all the problems which really causes these empty servers. These problems will cause an "dead" server even if their would be one server left.

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    that's why it's my last month in this game, the apex price is definetely too high for me and I don't want to have second job in AA.

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    If apex price would be so amazing, people would buy them from the trion shop. But buy apex is still not worth. Credits have better value and people don't like to invest more money on Archeage.

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