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Thread: Rewind Strength and Agility Stat benefit changes

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    Rewind Strength and Agility Stat benefit changes

    With the recent updates to stats, I had just returned to the game, only to find that Strength and Agility are no longer useful together. The class combination I was happy with, Outrider, is no longer viable, and I am forced to regrind gear, to replace the now useless gear I had. The Skill combos for Archery and Battlerage are better now, but with the changes to stats, my damage overall is reduced, because of dividing STR with AGI, it is now unwise to have any of one AND the other. Now wasted stats.

    I can't just magically run a few dungeons and replace, I am forced to either fork over thousands of dollars, or grind for a year, just to replace the gear I had with equal gear to either Melee, Ranged, Magic, or Healer only (though it seems Magic and Healer can still go hand in hand well, because the stat change still allows INT and SPR to be interchanged well enough)

    To be an Outrider, is to have halve my stats be divided into STR and AGI, reducing damage for both, and leaving me at a harsh disadvantage. The stats were changed by the developers, and yet no compensation was given to players apparently. Those who were already a single damage character were not impacted nearly as much.

    It also begs teh question, why even have Prefixes like these anymore:
    "Typhoon" STR, AGI, Stamina
    "Lightning" STR, AGI
    Pretty much those two (STR and AGI) are the hardest hit stats, because at least INT gives MP and evasion, and SPR gives MP recovery, magic defense, Parry, and even magic accuracy (to pair with INT).

    Really my request is one of two things:
    Restore Stat benefits to their original form for everyone.
    Give compensation to everyone impacted! (Which I don't think would happen.)

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    The prefixes are there because they like the players to feel like they have some kind of freedom. Also, there was no reason agility should give melee critical rate, which is why it was changed, if im not mistaken. As for agility being useless, that's wrong - evasion !!!!!

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    Sadly i totally agree with you right now every melee got "nerfed " on paper but due to flame set being right now the only way to build the character they gained more than they lost.

    Beside the fact you mentioned about not being able to play certain classes anymore there is also the fact that we get more and more useless Armor types. Ocean, Meadow, Lightning, Sunset and also the ones with pointless 7/7 effects like Wave, Gale, Earth, Life.

    So right now the only proper set is what a surprise only for Melees again

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    What I want is all my stat migrations back so I can use them to re-adjust my stat's again. I had moved mine to equal parts stam,str and agility, now I have to either spend unwanted time in the arena (which I hate with a vengeance) or pay gold to get them from the AH.

    Why they though this was a good idea/change I don't know. "I have a great idea, lets change their stat's for no reason and give them no compensation for the time and gold they spent getting the stat's they wanted"

    Are they just trying to kill the game off???, it's like their way of thinking is I've lost a leg so i'll chop off the other one to replace it".

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    Should be able to craft the gear and add the stats you want on it woth respect to the material, i.e cloth still gives good defense against magic and vice versa for plate, but as for strength, agility and spirit you should be able to put what you want on the selected item.

    I'm new so haven't really had much experience with gear but it seems that the game is steering players to specific class combinations or you end up being just a fluff character.

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