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Thread: Using a bug to bug people off hauler

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    Using a bug to bug people off hauler

    We were standing at ynster community center.
    and then somone started to use a bug to get people off hauler.
    he doesnt even care that i was filming it for trion so please trion do something against it.
    i dont want to complain here but i want to warn other people that they this not happens to other.


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    looks like a grimghast rift harpoon? the second skill is useable on players ive noticed, tried it on a player just standing there to test it (not moving packs, just at halcy war testing it) . i think thats what they are using. it says battle start/battle end almost instantly but if its knocking players off haulers, should be due for a patch. in the meantime, please use owners mark as frequently as you can. you'd be suprised how many used to lose their packs due to forgetting the mark, in non hostile zones

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