For a while now, the fresh start server called "ezi has been experiencing a lot of trouble with people not being able to get into arena's, specially naval arena and 3 vs 3. (which are the best ones)

We have the people needed, but the fact that the system wants precise numbers like 12 and 16 and 20, before it begins and otherwise you get thrown out again, is just rediculious.

First of all, we don't really care if we are 1 man down, and if not enough people join, then why even let more in than 12, like 14 and then just throw them out?

I suggest making teams of 3-3-4-4 in that scenario, it might be a little unfair, but it's way better than not getting in.. Not getting in is killing the arena. People trying for hours to get in, but not succeeding is just sad..

And I don't know why 3 vs 3 is not being queued for much either, but you should take a look at that too.

My best suggestion to solve all these issues is: "open cross server arena's for ezi as well as the oi have for all the other servers" just don't open for gladiator cross server ofc.

I hope it will be considered, since it's really annoying wasting hours trying to get a few arena's done :/