-and a friend

People call you the plague of the east, but to me you are someone special, I remember the first night we met.

I thought you were funny, smart, and all above a great guy, someone I could look to for when I needed to laugh. I remember the first night I extended the olive branch of olive garden and you accepted the 10$ gift card, with their endless breadsticks. we had an amazing time sipping on wine from my very own vineyard in Two Crowns.

A few nights passed and I wonder where it is you have went. more and more I heard about you yet less it is the times we saw each other, for your greed was insatiable and you preferred the affection of gold over me. days turned to weeks as you continued what you have started in the sea for I sat patiently in the pier waiting for you

it was a Saturday night when last I saw you, sailing the seas, you told me you would return to me, I waited hours till it became sunday and in the distance I heard the clash of swords and armor, "could it be" I thought to myself, I ran over as fast as I could and before it was over I saw you dead on the floor, Slain. My Gladiusrex, my Champion of truth and justice. I have nothing left to live for, no one can replace my peanut butter to my jelly, the ham on a sandwich, you completed me and now I am finished.