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  • Find one or two community representatives.
  • Engage in discussion points with community about what is asked/spoken with XL
  • Share your timetable
  • Create a feature/outstanding bug list, maintain, update.
  • Bring back a weekly stream.
I don't have enough time to give this the full response that I might otherwise want to, but here's a quick overview of the topics from my standpoint.- Find one or two community representatives.We use the forums, reddit, discord, twitter, facebook, youtube, steam, and other platforms as a voice for all players. Everyone's voice should be heard, and documented so we can collect that feedback and deliver it to XL as well. There are some Trion Creators who have taken up the mantle of fielding questions from their communities too. We greatly appreciate those who are embedded so deeply in the community funneling questions and info back and forth.- Engage in discussion points with community about what is asked/spoken with XLAs stated many times in the past, the forum threads, and other communications are delivered directly to XL, so your direct commentary is seen. We accompany it with an overview of the topic that ties many of those separate channel discussions together. This is why we urge players to keep topics on track and to deliver their best explanations of their feelings on the issue without bogging it down with insults and other toxic approaches to conversation.- Share your timetableThis can often be very difficult. The news that we are 'waiting' is quite possibly the most accurate information we can give at that time. - Create a feature/outstanding bug list, maintain, updateI've been trying to engage more in the Bug Report threads, letting players know that their issue is being tracked, or that we need more information. We've got internal documentation of a list of currently known issues, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make sure I'd be updated that it was addressed. We tried something this past couple weeks, but I'm not convinced it's clear enough to roll out a solid update thread to players. I agree with the need for this greatly, but want to make sure the process is scale-able and manageable for me to deliver accurate and timely information. The rough part of this is that some bugs may stay on that list for a long long time, regardless of pushing for a fix. - Bring back a weekly streamThe reason we reduced the streaming schedule to 'only when there is a major announcement' is because the other streams took time and other resources, and didn't do enough to deliver what the players wanted - information. We will continue hosting those in the community who are interested in sharing their AA experiences and only have a stream when there are big news topics to discuss. Other discussions can be more helpfully tracked in the forums. I want to stream every day, but the content for those streams just isn't there. This was not a decision we came to lightly, but we're happy to use the time to support Trion Creators and other members of the community who are interested in streaming on twitch to show off their positive involvement in AA. In regards to your comment about being attacked - I think the truth of it is that we're the publisher and are being given the expectations of the developer by the community in many cases. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding that we often try to correct. There are certainly ways we (Trion) can improve our communication, and we're always looking into taking action on that, however, there are also times when we cannot communicate beyond what we have. It can come across secretive, but in reality, the communication may be stymied for the completely legitimate reasons we express. I always appreciate your even tone when communicating in the forums. I don't always have the time to give a full response, or even engage, but I do try to read and take in every post across all those platforms to glean the best representation of the community's commentary. I'm always looking to improve, even if there is too little time to do so.I have made myself as accessible as possible via dms as well. I try to respond to everyone. I feel that the perception that there isn't any communication is far off it's mark, or maybe it's ill defined by those that state that. Your post has highlighted some of the ways that communication is limited or weak, and that made it much easier to address the specifics of the concern. TheBlueMuzzy#1068 < Discord I've even opened up my PERSONAL discord to the AA community and watch good discussion happen in there daily. I don't expect it to be positive all the time, but I demand that it be productive. As it is my personal discord, i moderate it with an iron fist, and reserve the right to refuse access to any or all. I suggest that if you do join it, you join it with the intent of speaking to other even-keeled players, and not directly to me at all times. I read it, i moderate it as best i can, and I jump in to chat when i have some time.https://discord.gg/ua8J7Tp
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