Any increase in hiram gear drop is welcomed and I don't want to sound ungrateful but the method you're using is the worst you could have possibly chosen.

RNG being what it is in this game, we're, the majority of the time, either very unlucky or very lucky. Only on relatively rare occasions do we actually have average RNG(in my experience at least). So by leaving the frequency of the drops the same as it currently is, farming hiram will remain an awful experience for those experiencing the unlucky side of RNG since that can mean 0 drops in several hundreds mobs. Sure you get 2 instead of 1(would we get 4 drop if we got one of the rare case when a mob drop 2, like they currently do sometimes?) once that happens but it's not getting drops for a prolonged period of time that makes farming mobs a bad experience.

Doubling the drop rate but only dropping one at a time would be far more preferable since people with bad RNG will feel less like they're wasting their time since the periods where they'll get no drops should be shorter with double the chances.

While I'm fairly certain it's too late to change it now, I at least hope you'll consider this for possible future events.