Itís time to conquer: the next phase of Fresh Start is live. Check out all the new content thatís now available.

Fresh Start Phase 3

It's here- Phase 3 of the Fresh Start progression server! Adventurers continue to grow, and there are more obstacles to overcome.

Serpentis & Sea of Drowned Love

Gather your raid and fight through hordes of powerful enemies in Serpentis to grab powerful gear. With any luck you'll find the Mysterious Gem which will start you on a long journey to crafting the penultimate accessory - the Dream Ring!

Test your mettle against the goddess Dahuta to free trapped and tormented souls from their watery prison. We suggest bringing even more allies to this fight - your foes godly powers demand respect!

More Lands to Tame

Auroria has even more to offer the thirsty adventurer by granting you entry into Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and the new housing district, Golden Ruins.

Fearsome Foes

Only the truly brave would seek out Jola the Cursed, Meina and Glenn, but of course we can see that gleam of battle in your eyes and have no doubt you are a worthy warrior. Be warned, the evil of Anthalon has been rearing its ugly head as well.

Vehicles for Fun and Utility

Keep a keen eye out for Thunderstrucks! You'll need them if you want a slick ride. The Timber Coupe, Comet Speedster, and Apex Squall are now available to craft. If you're looking for a little more utility than flash, you can focus your efforts on upgrading your Farm Wagon (4 crates) to the more spacious Farm Hauler (6 crates).

- The ArcheAge Team