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Thread: Mushroom House crate + decor

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    Mushroom House crate + decor

    Why is it gone from the marketplace already!? It was barely up there for 2 weeks and the house crate a week because of a bug.

    Not happy

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    Ditto that!

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    Agreed I was hoping it would be up longer. My friend didn't even have a chance to buy the furniture. They need to bring it back longer.

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    Bring back the Shrooooooms!
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    i agree i have a house design on hold for me incase i wasn't able to get it from the rng which i've spent all the credits i had on it, but i was unable to get one and was unable the decor box in time before it was removed and its pretty darn upsetting to have the box delayed by so long and be removed so quickly.

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    The House will be soon a 1000 Gilda Design and the Deco ... wait 1 year or maybe forever till they bring it back. Like there would be a damn Limited Space in their Pay2WinCowMilktoDeadShop.

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