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Thread: How much gold to level erenor from Celest?

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    How much gold to level erenor from Celest?

    Hi just curious.

    What is the gold cost per tier for those who have recently leveled an erenor 1h?


    Thank you

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    Roughly 30-40k to divine
    Roughly 80-90k.

    Really rough numbers, but you at least get an idea.
    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
    Epic Erenor Katana - 815.3 DPS.
    Epic Erenor Bow - 693 DPS... worse than the gimped weapon even though it's a primary weapon.
    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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