Hello Adventurers,

On this week's livestream, we'll be hosting Sparx,

Show this awesome streamer some support by watching their stream and tossing them a follow - SparxIsGrounded - Friday at 1:30 PM PDT. It's her birthday! Also, she has a snake, and a Red Dragon - only one of them has bitten her.

Today she'll be running with her Pirate crew, "Selected Few", looking to take on 2 player nations. If they don't show up it'll be Thunderwing Titan and some Free-For-All Arena matches where, hopefully, everyone is gunning for her!

We're also providing them with giveaways:
  • 2 Legends Return Archeum Pack (Fresh Start Or Legacy)
  • 3 Wrapped Enhanced Faelight Wings (Fresh Start Or Legacy)
  • 3 Wrapped Squirrel Gliders (Fresh Start Or Legacy)

You'll have to be in their chat to be eligible, and they'll send the names of the winners back to us so we can use Twitch Whispers to reach out to the winners. The winners will have to let us know if they want the Legacy or Fresh Start versions of their prize!

Enjoy the stream!