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Thread: PVE Trade run/ Housing guide

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    PVE Trade run/ Housing guide

    So I have played Nuian and Haranya and owned land in both. This is what I learned for a true PVE players perspective

    Going to list this link I use regularly, if a province goes to peace and I want to run some packs from there I will pull up this link to check pricing https://archeagetools.com/haranya-trade-pack-prices-35/

    Part of picking a PVE place to live and doing trade runs I consider the following. Price of trade pack turn in values (including Larders) . Travel time to deliver goods and if its a 100% safe run or thru a pvp/peace zone. Proximity to Community center for daily quests which collect vocation badges and finally natural occurring gathering resources availability and usefulness

    Airain Rock (Nuian) Loved this place in 3.5 , nice quiet and distance from the market was worth its weight in gold, not so much anymore . 20 to 30 minute trip and you can generally get the same prices out of White Arden with half the travel time. 100% safe run

    Ahnimar (Nuian) Everyone knows it as a profitable trade run. I personally hated that one sound track from there UGH! . My favorite was when Hellswamp and Halcyona get pushed to peace and the Merchant Freighters all line up at the border on the peace timer count down to take off at once. Fun times

    But its a lot of work to push those provinces into peace and seems its harder now to get players to do it when you log in on your time schedule . Just not worth the effort imo

    Marianople (Nuian) Larder prices not worth it here but makes a great staging zone from Ahnimar when the other 2 provinces line up with peace. Allows you to make and run packs during peace time to Marianople quickly then sell those packs over the next couple days on your own time to Solzreed

    Solis headlands (Hyranya) Your at the mercy of Ynystere going peace for the best prices and killing all those dairy cows daily gives a lot of trimmed meat but not even the largest PVE stone quarry can make me return to that province with a home

    Villanelle (Hyranya) Beautiful place to live visually and fast trade runs but trade pack values are reflective of the fast runs. Nice that the cherry trees locally are useful for the regular packs and lots of goats to slaughter around the south exit

    Rockhala (Hyranya) Probably the best trade pack prices in the game but if you do not own a car or have a friend with a car your out of luck. There are 3 routes out of Rockhala which can keep the pirates guessing if you want to run packs thru war zones

    1 run thru Hasla / Perinoor / Windscour , 1 run thru Rockborne / Windscour and 1 run thru Rockborne into Silent Forest. The later being easiest to force into a peace run as you need only one war zone pushed to peace.

    Good gold to be made but a lot of hurdles to jump thru. Having a garden in Silent Forst makes for a great staging area when you get that window of peace to move packs, then sell them over the next days to Solis

    Falcorth (Hyranya) My first home and during 3.5 update was not a bad place to make and sell packs. Now the only plus I can tell you is there is a nice mountain pass with car for a quick run into Villanelle with regular packs that is good value and 100% safe run

    Leading me to where I am now Sunbite (Hyranya) 4.0

    Comparable Larder prices (check the link I gave you) to any of the best PVE 100% safe runs. If you live in the west side of Sunbite you can take goods to market in 15 minute run and 2 eco fuel. Cut up thru Arcum Irus (west side pass) and into Mahadevi. These roads are not marked on the map for those of you new to the area

    Adding to Sunbite that Lemons grow plentiful around the housing district which double for larders and the local trade packs as well as Cactus useful for making dried flowers and running Fertilizer if you own a tradesman house or have access to one

    I realize this may open some eyes to those 100% Nuian traders who never played Hyranya before but I do not mind sharing in the profits if it gives new life to other players tired of pushing Hellswamp to peace
    Love this game. Find me on Kadum server Sunbite Wilds / Hyranya as"Treefarmer" or Trionworlds Twitch Livestreams of Archeage as "SolefireArcheage"

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    Just an FYI for anyone looking for pack prices. You can also see them in game at each trade tower if you just want to make your own spreadsheet. You can also use the trade pack profitability calculator found http://archeage.mmodex.com/tradepack-profit-calculator/
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