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Thread: 4.5 weapons changes discussion

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    4.5 weapons changes discussion


    With the May patch, XL has decided to revamp the weapon system, removing all hidden passives and replacing several formulas for calculating damage and global cooldowns, as well as revamping several important stats for weapons. As a result of this, cooldown and damage now directly correlates to the weapon types.

    XL explained that due to the fact that Archeage has no ‘general’ attack (with the exception of basic attacks, which no one uses), most damage came from that of skills, and as a result, a weapon’s Attack Speed had little to no effect on gameplay. However, they continue, with this update, the Attack Speed on a weapon (Not to be confused with the Attack Speed stat that one has) gains a new role in the game as both Global Cooldown lengths and overall Damage now depend on a weapon’s Attack Speed. For example, a faster weapon, such as a Dagger or Katana, will have shorter Global Cooldowns than a slower weapon, such as a Greataxe, but the Greataxe will deal more overall damage.

    However, it’s important to note that these updates only apply to Physical attacks, meaning that Magic attacks are unaffected by this update.

    Additionally, due to weapon procs being removed, XL updated the system of armor penetration, adding in a 50% chance of each weapon type dealing an extra percentage of damage to a respective armor type. Due to Mages not being affected by this update, XL reasoned that Cloth should be unaffected by this extra damage, and as a result, they only added extra damage against Leather and Plate armor.

    Finally, all weapons and magic abilities (Read: All Physical and Magic Damage abilities) now have a minimum damage of 1%. This means that for Melee and Ranged damage, this is at minimum 1% of your damage, while for Magic damage, this is 1% of your Magic damage.

    Formulas and Stats
    The following are the changes for the formulas and stats.

    Attack Speed Piercing Slashing Blunt
    0.8 seconds Dagger
    1 second Katana Sword
    1.1 sec Nodachi Shortspears, Greatsword Axe
    1.2 seconds Longspear Greataxe, Club, Scepter
    1.3 seconds Greatclub, Staff
    The probability of the following occurring is 50%.

    Armor Type Piercing Slashing Blunt
    Leather 15%
    Plate 15% 20%

    From OmNom. Just wondering how this affects weapons now. It seems a faster weapon gives faster GCD and therefore better reaction time.
    • Does that mean Daggers are best now?
    • With passives removed is there any point to use RH (right hand weapons) still, when a 1h weapon can be placed in both the main and offhand?
    • Or does this mean you choose slower RH/1H weapons for bigger hits on skills (like you'd want the slowest RH/1H for skill dmg on a pin down>precision for biggest hits and crits for burst dmg), but you choose the faster weapons if you want to be able to react in combat faster? Which would you think is best? PVP seems to favor heavy initial-attack dps, BURST dps and not defensiveness (except for 1v1s), or damage over time (unless it is against a NPC boss) so much.

    Those of us with Short spears (and I see a lot of them on top gearing charts) who are in the market for new weapons have some questions. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Surprised there isn't already a discussion! Not good sign for Trion's forum and game!

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    serious.. wtb forum activity

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    damage=skill damage*weapon attack speed
    global cooldown=global cooldown of the skill you just used*weapon attack speed
    looks like if i use a skill which deals 100 damage and has 2s global cooldown using a 0.8 AS dagger, the result would be 80 damage dealt and 1.6s global cooldown
    i wonder if attack speed only delays animations then
    because think about it, if attack speed still reduces GC, 2h melee will get free +10/20% damage (generating 5 delirium for 250 AS = 25% AS is very easy, or just need a bloody chantey around, to compensate that +10/20% GC)
    meanwhile healers only have +20% GC in their skill but without being able to deal as 1/5 of the damage of a melee can deal in a same duration
    less breathe more silence

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    Weapon attack speeds and Attack Types have been adjusted:
    1 second is now the default weapon attack speed. A weapon that is faster than 1 second deals less damage but hits faster.
    Weapon Attack speed will affect both the speed and damage of melee skills.
    Weapons are now divided into three categories: Piercing, Slashing, and Crushing. Each has a chance to deal more damage to a specific armor type.
    The chance to trigger this damage has increased from 20% to 50%.
    Piercing: +15% vs plate
    Slashing: + 15% vs leather
    Crushing: +20% vs plate
    Plate features multiple extra damage types to balance its high defense and health. Cloth has few weaknesses due to its naturally low defenses.
    So now that this is live, should we actually talk about things which effect us now?

    Dead game, no responses to major changes.. *glares at Trion*

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