I have been playing this game for a while. First time I started it was back in 2015 and I really liked the game. There were way more active players back then and I did notice that what I have in mind right now wasn't even disturbing.

But let's get to the point. Why are Apexes like any other raw materials? Don't you think the open trade and reselling of Apexes doesn't hurt the overall state of the playerbase? I'm so sick of watching how some nolifer gold-farmers are buying all the apex even tho they don't need them for themselves, only to put them back on at a price 100g+ few moments later? I understand the game has player-driven economy, but the apex resells are just hurting the game way too much.

Suggestion: Please consider making Apex a Bound item that can be trade through Auction House only 1 time. And also if as many of us buy Apex to mail to our new alt... well just make it possible Apex to be available to be sent by mail as a Gift(since its bound).
That itself I really believe it will be really good change in terms of overall wealth of active players over a long run, because the only players who would purchase them would be ones who plan of using them for themselves or for their alternate accounts.

I appriciate it if anyone could even take a minute and think through it

Have a good night!