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Thread: As Apex Prices GROW, "Progression Server" SHRINKS

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    As Apex Prices GROW, "Progression Server" SHRINKS

    Less content, less people..

    Need more gold to stay, who's gonna put in the work?

    Free players will rely on packs, and packs stay the same..

    When is our content coming?

    Paying players quitting every day; when do we get Castles?

    Server is dead without T5, let's get this server going?

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    Paying players quitting every day
    the argument has been soo lame already.... people that wanna quit will quit, people that like the game will survive. Only because people dont log in, it does not mean they are gone for ever. Game populations are constantly moving when there is major patches and they go down again when there is nothing to do anymore.

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    I just wanted to make this flame post for people to come let out their misguided and hypocritical thoughts bottled since launch, because Muzzy keeps stressing to the community that it is a "progression server" and all the time in the world will be given to Mister Underlevelled so he can get fully geared as Korea decides how to bring out content.

    **Yet when you see how much gold two apex is worth (1400g+), how can you expect mister part-time gamer to spend any additional time on top of running his 70-100 (depending) required tradepacks a month just to upkeep his patron on one character/account?

    **If you are averaging these players who need to have all this time to catch up with their 3 hours of play a day limit: player has time to do his 4 packs, his dailies, and quite possibly do a smaller amount of packs to start saving for better gear, or farm hiram, or squeeze in one serp run (if he's being carried by a raid with full gear.)

    ** Not every player knows how to calculate his income or silver per labor point spent, or time per labor point spent. Not every player understands how to maintain even monthly patron through F2P means. As time goes on, it becomes HARDER for Mister Underlevelled to play, because the content doesn't scale with AH Apex prices. Trade Content will be always worth the same amount of gold. Apex climbs daily.

    ** This daily grind becomes faster with Hauler but would cost a premium for Mister Underlevelled, which can't be earned back in any realistic time-frame (obviously a leisure buy, not a efficiency buy) which will be leading player to delusions of paying for subscriptions for no payout, and simply he would be living to earn the investment back by doing the exact same 4 pack content albeit 35% faster per day, and wondering why he still can only afford to upkeep patron and nothing more.

    **If this 3 hour a day player is opting to only pay for his subscription through trion and doesn't care about earning gold, wouldn't he only desire more content and be bummed that FS is in the stone age?

    I am greatly happy about all these event crates that keep coming out, but where's the focus for our game REALLY at? A+ cash shop since launch, F+ Korean update schedules.

    Everyone already has their Jola's shield (I have 4 if you need one), and people are able to get any and every level 50 character farmed up through serpentis within a week or two to break into meta with the help of pretty much every Rank 3+ guild at this point.

    What now?

    We are starving for updates!

    Would it hurt anyone to get some web-ads and commercials going for Archeage?
    Trion I am aware that you have raked over 100k usd since server launch on Apex shares alone (not including packs and bundles) let's see some pushes to get this game a proper re-launch the server population should be double what it is!

    Remember all the crashes on Vengeance/Reckoning because of the incoming population solely derived from the web-ad presence?

    We need that!

    Where was/is the huge ad-campaign for Nui?!?!?!?!

    Don't wait until dragons to push for advertising, we need to keep the game healthy before-hand!

    Progression server shouldn't have to heavily resort to people relying on for-cash services such as Apex purchases or RMT to keep progressing.

    I understand FS is piggybacking on the decisions of Korea server and Trion has pretty much little to no say in content releases, but can't we push for more in-game events such as the upcoming hiram event to keep everyone happy?

    There are plenty of people who are satisfied with progressing at whatever rate Trion throws, but there are also many who are only hanging on hoping we catch up soon.

    Can we get some love?

    I bet if you did something simple even such as having a single Trion staff member log in-game daily and roam around on FS you'd get tenfold activity in-game.

    It doesn't solely rest on the backs of gamers to keep the server alive.

    The archeage community has no chance if you do that, do you understand what kinds of gamers we are?

    Needy, insolent fools who want to spend all day on a game to grind for patron with little to no land in-hand!

    Insert content in mouth, repeat!

    I want cruise ships in Austera!

    I want a Auction House fixed buyout ceiling for Apex @500g to spend less time farming and more time doing content!


    But seriously, if gold is measured in apex/dollar value earned per hour, how can you expect these lowbies to progress if they barely saved up for last months apex prices and now have to spend twice as much time in-game to upkeep subscription?

    Doesn't it defeat the purpose of a progression server if the players have to resort to buying apex from RMT services just to get some extra gold?

    Removing Karma Coin really helped diminish RMT transactions in the community, but it still doesn't change the people's need for gold because spending 1 hour in real life is 10 dollars where spending 1 hour in Archeage is less than 10 dollars, for most players it is roughly 2 dollars per hour on average if using only one character. This ratio diminishes as apex gold values climb.

    Last time fresh start rolled around, apex didn't hit 700 until castles, and it actually balanced out nicely.

    We are so behind!

    I am not making this post because I am a disgruntled F2P player; I make a good 5k gold a day, and some make 10k a day or more, but most people really don't, and they could make 200 gold a day if they went really hard at it.

    I just want to contest the statement about "progression" where every day it takes more and more time for people to progress and with content slowly leaking out of korean booties we can't expect to upkeep our patron for any realistic reason other than the old "to earn gold for patron" paradox.

    This is to inspire the devs with the spam, so they can try and find ways to interact with the community more and keep people not only on the edge of their seats, but keep people satisfied with content. Cash crates are a simple and great way to boost gameplay, but it's gonna take a little bit more than that to keep people logging in for more than their dailies and their 4 packs, and if that isn't happening then the scales of fate will then dictate: the paying players shall dwindle and find a new home.

    In order of importance:

    *Value Per Hour Spent In-Game (for the average player) (this determines consumer spending)
    *Dev Outreach
    *Dev Interactivity
    *Server Events
    *Cash Shop

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    I have been around for some time, with my last play a few years back. I don't know if it's some sort of evil thing inside me, returning to the forums to get a load of drama, hate and complaints from XLgames users or just common interest. But...

    Most of the issues being stamped out across several boards here, are repeats. I can see there's now only 3 servers left in NA, down from what I recall was almost 10 servers back when I decided that the business model of this game was a suicidal one.

    The saddest part is, this game and the work put into all the mechanics, encounters and even farming, is insanely addictive and fun. The issues arise with the issues. Because they are just that, issues. The corporate structure of XLgames / whoever they are trying to bring in to manage things, are severed from the userbase. There is no Blizzard-like team that sifts through the forums for the next great idea, user-reported bugs or notes for improvement. The matter of the fact is, the developers simply don't care and the only way to solve it - well, there is no way. You either suck it up or leave and that might just be the most sad part.

    It has only gone downhill for the past 5 years and there's no fixing it. As I said, the business model is suicidal and not even a reinvigorating new CEO can revive what's left of this lacrimose shell of a game.
    Cows, cows, cows!

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    you could just play unchained although we have waaaaayyyy too many people

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