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Thread: [Propose] Faction statue change

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    Lightbulb [Propose] Faction statue change

    Proposal for Faction statue change
    I am not good at English, so I apologize in advance for your inconvenience.

    Dear Trion
    Faction statue build I propose the modification as follows

    < 1 > Hero puts Faction Statue Crafting Pack 5 times

    < 2 > Non-Hero characters launch Faction Statue Crafting Pack 50 times

    < 3 > Hero puts Faction Statue Crafting Pack 5 times

    < 4 > Faction Statue completed, it will be maintained for 2 weeks (14 days)

    < 5 > When the deadline of the completed state is over, we will return to < 2 >

    Faction Statue Crafting Pack : Iron Ingot x20, Stone Brick x20, Lumber x20, Fabric x20, Leather x20
    This proposal is the same as the specification of AAJP 4.5

    Reason for making this proposal

    1)Statue Difference in material acquisition difficulty
    In order to obtain Cago, it is necessary to transport the prescribed number of packs to Cago Outlet.
    On the other hand, Iron Ingot, Stone Brick, Lumber, Fabric, Leather, which is a material of Faction Statue Crafting Pack,
    always exists in AH and has the opportunity to obtain it easily.

    2)The Statue building system is made with the assumption that there are more than 200-250 active players in Faction
    Actually, there are limited servers with more than 200-250 active players in a single Faction.
    Most servers are the number of active players under 200-250 people.
    A server with fewer players increases the economic burden per person.
    3)Cago costs too much = Players will loss
    You know that most players will carry Larders.
    It is because the profit ratio is high.
    Cago will not be produced unless there are a certain number of other types of packs,
    However, players do not carry Specialities.
    This is because the system is such that a player does loss when Specialities produces it.

    4)Statue Architectural Compensation 500 honer is not a proper reward = Return on cost is not appropriate
    The value of 1 Cago = 46-49 Gold.
    Faction Statue There is no value for 4,600-4,900 Gold and its return that matches its value in architecture.
    "Nuia/Haranya Delivery quest" is Stone/Iron/Lumber/Fabric/Leather x100 = 500 honer.
    The value of the material will fluctuate, but on average they are 15-27 Gold.
    I think that it is very unbalanced ( As many people pointed out )
    Statue creation by Cago has no return that matches the appropriate cost and risk.

    5)The effect of the hero halves
    If there is Hero on the spot, you can get a Status Up buff.
    We can choose to "do not build Faction Statue"
    but I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that this is half losing the effect of Hero.

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    [Propose] Faction statue stays same

    I propose we don't get Xl to mess with it agian as every time they do it gets worse

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    Quote Originally Posted by happy View Post
    [Propose] Faction statue stays same

    I propose we don't get Xl to mess with it agian as every time they do it gets worse
    I love this idea . It better to do nothing with it
    Been a month and my ticket have yet been resolve.
    My account was hacked and i lost everything
    Never Solved but not happy

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    [Propose] As is currently (cargo-based):
    - Do not buy packs at 2Crowns (closest) at 49g but at Solzreed (around 30-32g), thus reducing the overall cost.
    - Consider that each pack turned in gives 500 honor reward, so there's that to compensate even a little bit.
    - Split among a whole faction, that could be a hauler/freighter/carload each, if around 20 people get their hands on it. Even a pack each, if 50 ppl move themselves to have a buff active for a time after that...
    Majax & co
    ANCIENT HEROES (Kadum Server (ex-Salphira, ex-Conviction, ex-Jakar))

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    I think NA/EU player is a little poor
    Because Even if you appeal that a modification is required for the player,
    Trion will not tell player why they should not fix it
    From around a year ago, that tendency is strong

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