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Thread: Thumbs not awarding leadership correct?

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    Thumbs up Thumbs not awarding leadership correct?

    Hello, was something changed with thumbs/leadership?

    For a couple of days now, I've only formed raids with characters I control, or that my GF controls, and I don't seem to be earning leadership from thumbs anymore. I'm able to verify that the toon giving the thumbs, gets the +2 leadership for using the up thumbs option, but when reset rolls the toon receiving the thumbs doesn't actually gain leadership. What gives?

    I literally stopped doing faction events this month because I thought the few people I was able to get for events was down voting me each day, and I didn't wanna bother supporting a group that was screwing me over for no reason. But now it seems that something else is preventing the thumbs from going through, as I haven't been joining raids with others, and I still don't get my thumbs leadership.

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    It is working correct. You have just received already the leadership from the same person to often or you are not even on the rankings to get any.

    How do Reputation Votes work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    General Info On Voting
    All upvotes, regardless of where they come from (hero or no) give you +1 reputation point.
    All downvotes, regardless of where they come from (hero or no) give you -1 reputation point.
    When you upvote, the voter personally gets +2 leadership for upvoting.
    You must be higher than level 30 and have over 200 leadership to vote.
    Each week, a player can vote on a single person up to 3 times. This resets weekly.

    How is Leadership calculated?
    Leadership is calculated and awarded on a daily basis. The number given is based on final reputation.
    Reputation is calculated in a bit of a confusing manner. Here's the idea.
    Players get to keep 70% of their total votes each day. This is calculated by adding ALL votes, up or down, together. EX: If Herobro gets 9 upvotes and 2 downvotes in a day, he has 11 votes. The 11 is multiplied by 70%, which gives 7.7. The system rounds this number up to 8. On this basis, he can keep up to 8 upvotes and 8 downvotes. This results in a loss of an upvote for Herobro, putting him at 8 Up and 2 Down.
    Once the 70% calculation is completed, final reputation is equal to upvotes minus downvotes. For Herobro, he has 8 up and 2 down. His final reputation is 6.
    Herobro's final reputation is then ranked against the rest of his faction. The higher his reputation in his faction, the more leadership he can be awarded. This number can be anywhere between 50 leadership and 0 leadership, depending on what percentile he ranks in.
    Leadership awarded can be changed depending on how many other people are participating in the system. If someone beats you in reputation, they will earn more leadership per day than you. This could also possibly force you to the bottom 10% percentile of the faction, resulting in 0 reputation, even if you got upvotes.
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