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Thread: Resillence and Toughness

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    Question Resillence and Toughness

    Hello to all colleagues, in this post I want to clarify some doubts about Resillence and Toughness.

    Does anyone know the % or the amount they reduce?

    I currently have 7200 resillence and for lack of information in the game, I do not know if I have an adequate reduction, I do not know if it decreases 7% or 70%

    This prevents me from being able to create my build suitable for my game style.

    Does anyone own or know information about it?

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    My information is based off of the information from this old thread.

    That being said, I briefly scanned through patchnotes, and haven't found any mention of resilience or toughness values changing in any of the patches since that forum topic was made.

    Defense formula: x = def/(def+7900) (this math checks out for 4.5)
    Toughness is roughly the same: x = tough/(tough+8000) (the thread said it was tested, but I'm guessing the 8k is approximation, could be 7.9k, could be 8k, could be some random number close to 8k). I also found this google sheet regarding toughness calculations, it seems old but approximately the same as would be calculated with the x = tough/(tough+8000) equation.
    Resilience reduction of crit rate: x = res/(res+32000)
    Resilience crit damage reduction: x = res/(res+18000)
    This [resilience formulas] is very approximate, this guy did some testing (video in russian) the guy in the old forum thread also tested and found similar results. I have not tested it myself. Other tests I have seen on youtube in 4.5 where russian players did upper limit testing, with one player at 117% crit rate and they kept adding resilience until the player that was attacking had an attack that did not crit, and the result they found was in line with these equations.

    Due to how formulas of this type scale, they have a limit meaning a player will never be able to have enough defense, toughness, or resilience to achieve 100% reduction of any one of them as they all approach but can never equal 1 (known as a limit), with diminishing returns as a player approaches that limit. This means while there is no hardcap, there are effective softcaps, although players might argue as to what values those might be.

    If anybody has concrete evidence and data proving these are incorrect or slightly different I would love to see it.

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