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Erenor Jerkin (celestial; Agility + Strength)
Erenor Breeches (celestial; Agility + Stamina)
Erenor Boots (celestial; Spirit + Stamina)

All cloaked and divine:
Ayanad Belt > S O L D <
Ayanad Cap > S O L D <
Ayanad Fists > S O L D <

Epherium Stuff:
11x Cloaked Epherium Bow (8x Rare, 2x Arcane, 1x Heroic)
7x Celestial Epherium Bow (not crystallized)
3x Celestial Epherium Bow (crystallized)
9x Divine Epherium Bow (crystallized) (1 sold)
1x Cloaked Epic Epherium Bow (not crystallized)

Reckless and Grimghast stuff all heroic (for feeding Erenor):
117x Gauntlets
67x Helmet
12x Vambraces
20x Tassets
34x Greaves (1x Unique)
6x Cuirass
3x Shoes

30x Deeply Colored Oil
89x Viscous Glossy Oil > S O L D <