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    The future of the Archeage department.
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    Awesome Fresh start is all that matters apparently lol you guys are just unapolegetic about ignoring the ones who stuck with the original servers.....

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    Trion all you do is stuff for Fresh start servers we ppl in legacy her Nothing no events we have almost nothing and ppl quiting one after another do som events on legacy so ppl dont die og borredom!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, also Fresh Start player didn't knew that all they promised, phases/gear, etc will change.

    XLGames is the owner of the game, Trion just publisher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blycee View Post
    To awaken a full hiram set, we will need ~2.000 awakening scrolls. How many awakening scrools we get from the quests and will be the drop rate acceptable ?
    ?????????? LOL i have half my gear awakened already, probably didnt use any more than 100. Idk where you got 2000 from

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    Archeage is dead game especialy EU look around shatigon most housing spots are empty not like it used to be befor 4.0 its as if each update kills the game even me i think of quiting aa allredy only thing that keeps me here is waiting for new mmo to com out AIR

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