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Thread: Invisible cloak [visual bug]

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    Invisible cloak [visual bug]

    It appears as though there is a visual bug relating to either the Wayfarer's cloak, its combination with an Axis Mundi Aegis, or its application to Dwarf characters. The bug itself is the fact that the cloak does not appear on my character's back (female dwarf), regardless of what combination of options I put in the character display settings menu, and regardless of whether or not I have a costume equipped.

    Not only does this bug render the cloak invisible on the client of the character's owner, but it's also invisible to any other person looking at the character.

    Currently it is unclear if this bug is related to the female Dwarf's character model (I have not been able to test this specific scenario on other characters of different races/genders because of the rarity of the cloak), or if it's related to the fact that it (the Wayfarer's cloak) was fused with an Axis Mundi Aegis, which in turn was then converted to an image item in order to be traded and then fused with an actual stat cloak.

    I can confirm however, that a friend of mine fused her Wayfarer's cloak directly with her Eternal stat cloak and it appears as it should on her character (female Elf). The difference here being that there was no Axis Mundi Aegis involved, and that her character was not a Dwarf.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Obtain Wayfarer's cloak (limited edition cloak)
    2. Obtain Axis Mundi Aegis
    3. Convert Wayfarer's cloak to an image item using a Fusion Alembic
    4. Fuse it to the Axis Mundi Aegis, so that the Axis Mundi Aegis now has the appearance of the Wayfarer's cloak.
    5. Convert that Axis Mundi Aegis (that has the appearance of the Wayfarer's cloak) to an image item using a Fusion Alembic.
    6. Now that it's an image item, fuse it to your actual stat cloak (my stat cloak was an Ayanad Flaming Arrowflash Cloak).
    7. Check to see if it appears on your character by removing your costume and ensuring that "Cloaks" have the highest display priority in the Character Display Settings menu.

    If this bug is unrelated to Dwarves, then it should occur 100% of the time regardless of what race/gender the character is.

    Justification for severity: The cost of being impacted by this bug means you not only lose one of the rarest image items in the game for no reason, but you also lose a crap ton of Gilda (or gold) due to having to obtain the Axis Mundi Aegis.

    System Specs:

    Additional notes:
    See attached screenshot
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    UPDATE: I have confirmed that this bug is not reproducible on Elves, which leads me to believe that this bug is absolutely specific to dwarves (or at least, female ones, I currently can't test males). Perhaps due to how old and rare the Wayfarer's cloak is, its interactions with the Dwarf character models were not properly implemented into the game.

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